SSRS Tips: Combating Blank Page in SSRS Reports – Dynamics AX 2012

Nothing is frustrating as like resolving a blank page issue in SSRS. Here are a few good ideas to combat blank pages in SSRS reports in Dynamics AX 2012.

1. Verify your Page set up:
A report has two properties that is related to width and height namely “Interactive” and “print properties”. Make sure they are in the size required by the report (Landscape/Portrait). Refer here for more details:

2. Set consume container white space to true:
On the report property “Consumecontainerwhitespace” set it true

3. Verify Body property:
Remember that setting the size in the report property doesn’t confine your design time width.  This means when the width of your page is 7.5’inch’s and the width of body you have designed is 8’inch then the extra 0.5’inch is printed on a blank page.Verify that Body is within the designed width otherwise resize it to fit it in.


4. Verify Report margins:
Again if the total width of the print medium is say 8.5’inch, and the body is 7.9’inch with a margin of 1’inch the blank page shows up again.Readjust your margins to fit within the total space.


5. Don’t leave space around your design:
Remember extra white space either in the length or breadth of the design can cause blank pages. Make sure your designs are tightly wrapped.


6. Verify If RDP has empty records: 
Some time if there is one or two blank records getting inserted in RDP that can also cause the blank page issues so double check your RDP.

7. Redeploy or Restart:
when you have verified everything and you see that the preview looks fine but the deployed report has issues then do a redeployment or restart of your reporting server to verify if it works.

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